Things You Should Read. Things You Should Avoid.

I highly recommend this article: 

On Warren Buffett’s office desk, a file bin at the end of the desk reads “TOO HARD.” There are some magazines, a pile of newspapers, and a phone.  But there are no stock tickers. No Bloomberg terminals. No charting software. No Twitter feeds. No pundits spouting forecasts.  Buffett has created more than a quarter-trillion dollars of value for Berkshire shareholders from this desk over the last 50 years. And he did it while rejecting most of the “tools” investors utilize. We can all learn something from that.

We have more information than ever before. “The problem is that much of the information that investors want — and think they need — is just that, ‘information,’ not knowledge.”

Good investors read a tremendous amount of information, of course. They’re just more selective with what they read and pay attention to.  Buffett suggests a few things investors should focus on…Things You Should Read.


Expenses and Behavior are Key to Investment Success

August 8, 2013

Creating a mix of investments that is less likely to prompt you to sell a strategic holding after it has dropped sharply can be just as crucial to achieving retirement success as maintaining low expenses. In fact, research indicates that “behavioral finance” issues actually lower investor returns more than the use of high-expense investments.  Continue reading here Expenses and Behavior are Key to Investment Success